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CMC real people

CMC real people

There are currently around 700 Claims Management Companies (CMC's) that are currently active in the UK today.

Admittedly though like everything in life there are both Good and Bad CMC's.

One thing that has to be remembered especially with the good ones that CMC's aren't buildings with robots inside of them, they are offices, buildings, floors with actual living, breathing people in them trying to make a living like everybody else who provides a service.

So with real people come real lives, where some of these people have families, bills to pay, responsibilities, etc.

The point being, that in the media today Claims Management Companies are ALWAYS given bad press normally by the same consumer groups and this is what I find unfair.

I agree fully that bad practice and where customers have been treated unfairly should be brought to light and then reprimanded.

However the issue for me is that this is what is always shown, where bad companies have treated customers unfairly or bad practice has been exercised.

What about CMC's that have:

  • Been up-front and honest
  • Treated customers fairly
  • Exercised good practice

Customers who have given their personal experience(s) where they have been happy with the service from a CMC

Why are these not shown more often or as often?

The fact is that in these 700 CMC's they are made up of people, who get up in a morning, drive or catch public transport to work, then work accordingly to their shift time and then head home.

These people have rent or mortgage to pay, families or themselves to feed, utility bills to pay, Tax and National Insurance to pay etc.

My concern is that with the constant bad press UNFAIRLY blanketing ALL Claims Management Companies that alot of these companies (including the good and honest ones) will go bust leaving alot of people out of work and resorting to claiming benefits and every bad connotation that comes along with this.

Ultimately I think there is a fairness that is needed otherwise as mentioned there could be alot of good, honest people out of work and alot of families affected and therefore various negative and in some cases unsavoury statistic numbers increased.

Which I think everyone can agree that this is something that we don't want to see...

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